Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome back Ken!

Well, well. There was me raving about Ed Balls and who pops back into view but ex-Minister of Education, Ken Clarke. I am absolutely delighted!
A few reasons. Firstly, Ken is unashamedly pro-Europe; so am I. Secondly, he has a great style in the Commons and (since Lord Peter Whimsey isn't actually there) he should have a great time kicking seven bells out of Mandy's junior ministers. I really will enjoy that. Thirdly, and most crucially, it shows that the Tory party are moving on with their progressive agenda.
What? (I hear you say) He's 68! He was in Heath's/Thatcher's/Major's governments; how is that moving on?
The way I see it is this. In all that time his avuncular, knock-about persona was roundly ridiculed by both left (who were scared of him) and right (who were scared of him). With him back on the front bench it shows that the Tories are at last capable of having someone with personality back in a position of clout. He is the only Conservative with any personality as far as I can see.
So welcome back Ken! Have fun.

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