Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swearings In

I'll admit this is unlikely, but here goes.
The Vice-President gets sworn in before the President, it appears. So who is he Vice-President to? Well, quite clearly, the outgoing President. So Joe what's-his-face was Dubya's VP for a few minutes there today! OK. What would have happened if Dubya had snuffed it in the few minutes between Joe Thingummy being made VP but before St. Barack became President. Joe Hoosit would be President. What would St. Barack do then? I feel a screenplay coming on.
You have to say, it didn't go well. Aretha? Wrong key and (OMG!) wrong hat. No-one could hear the loony on the cello and his mates. St. Barack fluffed his lines (although, as in all things, it was clearly not his fault). Ted Kennedy collapses at lunch. And was small Obama listening to her iPod during his speech?
Still, the ex-Presidents looked good. I loved the stapled on smiles of the Clintons. Oh yes.

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