Sunday, January 25, 2009

Career Paths

I sometimes look at my career and wonder where it all went wrong. Sometimes I wonder why it all went right. It's a mood thing; something to do with my age and very little motorbike riding in the last few months.
Some people though have amazing career paths. A few local folk should suffice as examples.
In Newcastle we have the Royal Victoria Infirmary. Ludwig Wittgenstein, premier league philosopher, worked there as a porter. Staying with the health service, Hastings Banda went from a GP in North Shields to God in Malawi. I know GPs have a well-established god-complex but seeing one go the whole way is impressive. Sting going from teacher training to saviour of the whole planet, especially rainforests, is another sterling example.
I'm sure there are others.
I would love to read what they put on their CVs.


GC said...

It went right.

Sting's a tit, you wouldn't want to be him.

GC said...

p.p.s. I don't like the new title of the blog.

It's a bit too ''Carry On'' for my liking...