Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Power of the Equilibrium

Le Chatelier's Principle: Any system in a dynamic equilibrium will tend to oppose change. It works every time and woe betide anyone who forgets it. So who forgets it? Our Government, that's who.
We are ruled ("governed" is too soft a word) by the most puritanical kakistocracy this side of Cromwell. They hector, cajole and threaten constantly about things that are not one jot their concern. The middle classes are now being berated for the amount of wine we ( I think it's "we") drink. The equilibrium they are trying to disturb is that most of the "middle class" (not a term I like or really understand) try to forget their angst-riven lives by having a bottle of wine while they watch the vacuous shite on TV before - after sleeping it off - setting off on another working day the following morning. This is miles over the "recommended" limit, apparently. Recommended by whom? The soulless killjoys that we stupidly elected last time. That's whom.
People will crack. They will have no opportunity to turn off the pressure and relax. Alcohol - even many units above "recommended" - is better than a nervous breakdown. Pissed or Prozac?
An easy choice.

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