Thursday, January 29, 2009

Drunken Teenagers (or not)

Apparently, 6% of boys and girls have been drunk before their 16th birthday*.
Shock! Horror! Probe!
Hang on. I think this means that 94% have NOT been drunk. What in God's name are we worried about? I think that figure is absolutely amazing. This would be an excellent country if a few other things were at (or around) the same level. What about: truthful MPs? honest Peers? Up-to-date judges? Things worth watching on TV? The incidence of simple good manners? Useful government initiatives? Cancer survival rates? People in work? People who enjoyed going to work? Trains that run on time? and so on.
The shameless way the New Puritans target our teenagers whenever/wherever possible is one of the most depressing features of 21st Century Britain. If Cromwell's lackeys are to be believed [please don't] our 13-18's are drunken, obese yobs in hoodies with no respect for anything, with dreadful GCSE results and zero future. They really aren't. Really.
But they will be if we keep treating them like that.

*Government figures today. Something miraculous happens on your 16th birthday. It is OK to be ratted most of the time from then.

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