Sunday, January 11, 2009

Harry: Shock, Horror, Probe

Two things surprise me about this latest furore about Prince Harry. Firstly, that we are all so mock-surprised and mock-shocked about it. He is Prince Phillip's grandson after all. Secondly, that the Captain Shah that the comment was directed at has made no comment whatsoever, clearly wasn't insulted, and probably has some equally derogatory nicknames for Harry. Since the Captain outranked Lieutenant Wales he could have made a really big thing of it. He didn't/hasn't. Good lad.
It worries me that, in the general case of A calling B a non-PC name, the rest of the planet can feel outraged and insulted. All those times (with my Australian upbringing showing here) that I've called people "Bastard" I should really have been expecting a massive backlash from all those born out of wedlock. Gosh. And when I referred to someone as a "Chav" I was risking the outrage of thousands with tight ponytails and Adidas trainers. My word, a lucky escape indeed.
Sadly, the day has arrived when we can't have a bit of banter with our mates without some git selling it on to the News of the World. What's New Zealand like?

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GC said...

It's full of sheep-shaggers, that's what it's like. Just kidding, I hope the tabloids don't get me. Or breakfast television.

This happened four years ago didn't it? Must have been a slow week for news.

What would life be like without this sort of banter? Crap.