Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weather Maps

I have put up with this in silence for long enough. I am thoroughly sick of the weather maps on the BBC. The pseudo-3D layout of the UK has me particularly vexed. The beautiful land that is Scotland is a shrunken, withered husk where the self-important South-East is a swollen land mass the size of Antarctica. I'm sorry, but the UK doesn't look like that. It's not even as though they have taken some slanted projection. I've tried to replicate their map on Google Earth. It just can't be done.
So now, the only time our kids will see a "map" of the UK it is hideously distorted to salve the egos of those living in London and the South-East. Honest kids; it doesn't look like that! I also heard one of the so-called meteorologists talking recently about the "south-east half of Britain". Ye Gods! The very best the South-East can be is a quarter.
Perhaps the worst thing of all is the low standard of their forecasts. I wouldn't trust them to get yesterday's weather even approximately right.

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