Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back again...

I'm really sorry that this blog has sort of lapsed. It wasn't a conscious thing; I used to use this blog as a vehicle for ideas and feeling that meant a lot to me. Perhaps I don't feel things quite so strongly these days. Perhaps I don't have any feelings.
Anyway, enough of the talking utter bollocks. Let's get on with the blog.

My feet hurt. My fault. Brand new shoes plus good long walk equals blistered heels. So far so obvious. What does surprise me is how different the blistered areas are. On my left foot I have a region of pulped flesh directly outside my Achilles tendon. On my right foot it is lower, to the left and augmented by a blister on the side of my big toe.
Now, this is odd. I don't walk that asymmetrically. My feet are not that dissimilar. The shoes are enantiomorphs. Very odd indeed. If anyone has any suggestions I am happy to hear them.