Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Royal Mail

I don't normally do requests, but this one's for Fiona in Durham....
I strenuously object to the Royal in Royal Mail. Those who know me well will attest to my republican leanings, but I feel so sorry for HM and her kith and kin being saddled with the Mail.
Perhaps we should call it The Current Government's Mail and dump the blame exactly where it should be. The problem that nice Adam Crozier was given when he took over is that someone said that HM's Mail had to make a profit. Clang!
Why? Why would anyone say something as stupid as that? That's like the NHS making a profit, or the BBC, or schools. The Royal Mail should have been one of those quintessentially non-profit making things that we put up with because it delivers great service. If I had had to chuck in a few quid in tax to ensure that we had a great postal system I would have done it gladly.
Instead, I'm chucking thousands in to bail out our feckless bankers who can't be arsed to get their toxic debt back from the flakey Russian mafiosi they loaned it to.
Who do I write to to complain?


fiona said...

Fantastic! Thankyou for writing such a great note! We must find out to whom we actually can write to complain. You're right - poor Her Majesty. I saw "Grumpy Old Men" on TV the other evening, and they were bemoaning the fact that once one could rely on a breakfast-time post and another delivery at lunchtime, and that furthermore a first class stamp would guarantee a delivery the next day, but that these days you were just fortunate if it arrived at all!

Excellent as always. You should write a book.

GC said...

Write to Adam Crozier. Although he won't get it (literally and metaphorically).

The post does need to be provided at a state level. I couldn't agree more.

However, I had no idea about your republican leanings. You really should keep those urges to yourself...

Anyway, I say we scrap the BBC licence fee and give it to the (Royal) Mail instead.

I'd rather pay for my post to come before I go to work than watch Eastenders. As opposed to the post coming while Eastenders is actually on.