Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sorry; What?

"Waders of the Lost Ark". I'm sure that was what she said. Harrison Ford in a movie about extreme fly-fishing, I surmised. Maybe my hearing is going. Not to worry. Lots of other senses. Aristotle reckoned five, Bruce Willis made it six. I think eleven, as do most others: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, nociception, equilibrioception, proprioception, kinesthesia, sense of time, thermoception and a very weak magnetoception. Unlike "a sight for sore eyes", "good taste", "hear no evil" and "left a bad smell", these less commonly noted senses do not have a great wealth of phrase and vocabulary attached to them.
I blame Aristotle for this. The man was a state-sponsored idiot. He quagmired* science for a bloody long time until several people (almost at once) stood up to him and shouted "Rubbish" (mainly in Italian). Aristotle had been dead for a millennium so he couldn't have cared less. The shouty people became the Renaissance and Western Civilisation was off and running. We have never stopped since then. Without Aristotle we would be 1000 years further on in our development as Homo sapiens sapiens.
Such a shame.

*To quagmire (vt): I quagmire, you quagmire, he/she/it quagmires etc.

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GC said...

Is sense of humour included in one of the 'ceptions'?

But, more importantly, why are these words on Wikipedia and yet not in dictionaries? Did you write the articles and then your blog post?