Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Rantings

Two things have recently stuck in my craw and I'm having trouble coughing them out.
Firstly: those guys on strike because of our fellow Europeans taking their jobs. Presumably they are the same blokes who cheer on football teams full of anything but Brits and see no contradiction there at all. The fact that a company employed a load of Portugese and Italians speaks volumes for the indigenous workforce. They might also remember that these workers are here completely legally. Xenophobes: there's a word they may need to look up.
Secondly: Headline in the Torygraph - "Teachers need more grit" and then a massive rant about teachers closing schools and leaving Joe and Josephine Public the problem of looking after their kids. Hold on. 6.4 million stayed off work on Monday. We were virtually ordered to! Londoners relying on their public transport had no option. The point that the Bellylaugh had clearly missed was that teachers don't close schools. Headteachers do. Local authorities do. Teachers don't. Get it?
Leave the teachers alone. Not their fault.

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