Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Charles

We are coming up to Charles Darwin's 200th Birthday. He was born in Shrewsbury on 12th February 1809. He won't be around for his 200th. He died aged 73. Sadly, he won't be there to blow out the candles (assuming that (a) one could light 200 candles and (b) one could blow them out aged 200).
I am a huge fan of Charles Darwin. His Law of Evolution (it's not a Theory, for God's sake) was beautifully crafted from millions of observations and countless hours of deep thought. It serves as an explanation of our past and a hope for our future.
It cheers me that in the 200 years since he appeared on Earth, the molecules of air that he breathed in and out (the nitrogen only very rarely gets used) will have permeated the entire atmosphere and I have have calculated that, every time I breathe in, a dozen or so molecules that went into Darwin's lungs go into mine. A genuinely inspirational thought.
(Latin: inspiro = I breathe in)

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GC said...

I like the comment that ''it's not a Theory, for God's sake''.

That was deliberate, surely! Plus, you sneaked in a Latin reference as usual.

Latin + Roman Catholicism = God = Darwin was wrong.

Darwin + Evolution = Catholicism is wrong.

Can you respect both Darwin and Latin? Ha!