Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Isn't Britain filthy?! It is becoming more like urban France every day. And that can't be good. Look outside. Our green and pleasant land is like a part-emptied bin. The irony is that it is getting harder to get rid of household rubbish.
I guess that part of the problem is a distinct lack of ownership of "our" Britain. We don't feel that we own the railway stations and we certainly don't own the verges of our roads. There is always a quango somewhere, an agency, responsible for such. We over-hype (if that isn't tautologous) those that clean up the rubbish. "Binman" used to be a perfectly respectable job. The "man" bit is now un-PC and the full title is now something like "Environmental Health Refuse Collection Operative". Whatever they are called, there are not enough of them and they don't empty the bins often enough. Yet here we are installing microchips in our bins at home to make sure we don't chuck out anything recyclable. Madness.
I will return to this anon.
Well, got to go, this litter won't drop itself you know.

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fiona said...

Agree totally. Love the use of the tautologous "over-hype". I wonder who clears up after the Great North Run? Am looking forward to reading the anon-written follow-up. And, of course, your novel - great excitement. Merrok xxx