Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Speech

As Geert Wilders returns to Schipol Airport our Puritan Kakistocracy have effectively binned the entire concept of free speech in this country. Anywhere else they would be hanging their heads in shame. To refuse entry to an elected parlimentarian of a fellow EU state on the grounds that he might upset some easily upset people is ludicrous.
I personally do not agree with one thing that Wilders says. I do not align myself with anything he stands for. His politics are laughable. So laugh! He must realise that the right to free speech does not pre-ordain the right to be taken seriously. Let him speak. Listen to what he says and then walk away disagreeing. Gagging him is a moral victory for all the extreme right-wing nutcases everywhere. Let them speak. If they think what they think then actually voicing their opinions is of secondary importance. If you do not value the right to free spech for those you despise you do not value it at all.
In WW2 the leader of the British Union of Fascists, Oswald Mosely, was a voluble, high-profile anti-semitic apologist for Hitler and Mussolini. He was finally interned seven months after the war started. Even when openly siding with one of the most evil men in history and creating an organisation that was avowedly anti-Jewish, he was allowed to speak his mind. Why? Because we valued free speech. Now we don't. Now we have to watch our words all the time. The Puritans don't want you thinking. So stop. They don't want you deviating one millimetre from the Party line. They know best. They will tell you what to say. They will tell you what to think. They will tell you what to eat, drink, wear, hear, see, smell, touch, feel, love, hate and everything else in between.
Today was a bad day. Not a revolutionary, cataclysmic day. Just another, slightly deeper than most, cut of a thousand other cuts into your liberty.

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Bbabs said...

Not only that, the Thought Police have their little helpers, don’t they? No sooner have you made your unforgivable utterance, then a sneaky little snitch runs to mummy with it. Sneaky, of course , because we never find out who is doing the policing. As a letter writer to my newspaper said yesterday, we have amongst us people in this country who dislike owning up to responsibility for their own actions, while making absolutely sure that others are held accountable for theirs. The naming and shaming happens only one way and , as we have seen, can lead to a person suspended, or even sacked ,from their job- pretty despicable behaviour really. I used to read Enid Blyton –nobody liked a little sneak then, they were the lowest of the low!!
As I have read elsewhere, having to name a crime by using a word connected to the emotions e.g. Hate Crime, can only lead us further into Police State mentality.
Having said all that, I confess to being the lowest of the low this week; yes, I sneaked on someone, not because of what they thought or said, but out of pure bitchy revenge for the arrogant way they treated a colleague. I’m waiting to be strung up.