Wednesday, February 18, 2009

James May: National Treasure

We have only a few people in the UK that would make it on to any list headed "National Treasures". Ian Botham and Patrick Moore are obvious. Ralph McTell from the world of music and Stephen Fry from the world of everything else would complete my list.
Until now.
I would strongly advocate that James May should be added to this litany of demi-gods.
Why? Well, he doesn't come from London. He is interesting and engaging. He has a degree in Music from a non-Oxbridge university and is a keen flautist (viz. he plays the flaut) and pianist (viz.... no, I'm not going there). He writes for the Telegraph and still has a ridiculous hair "style" even though it has not been fashionable to look like that for decades. He walks around looking like an unmade bed but has a tendency to be charming, forthright, polite and intelligent. He likes beer, doesn't understand the "terroir" thing with French wine and adores Airfix kits. He is, in short, my kind of bloke.
That's why he's on my "National Treasure" list.
James. Advice. Ditch Clarkson. He'll never be on my list.


fiona said...

Haha re the pianist! Quite agree - what a guy. Only just discovered he had a music degree - my brother went to Lancaster too. Clarkson is amusing and articulate, but he's going to get in serious bother one day for making inappropriate comments. JM, however, is marvellous. Excellent post as always x

fiona said...

Also, did not realise he wrote for the Telegraph!! I must have allowed myself to become momentarily distracted by Boris. Am off to search for James now.

bbabs said...

Agree about James May- good guy, but surely it can't be denied, even though he's a spoilt boy, that when Clarkson lost his voice on Top Gear, the energy and drive of the programme was singularly lacking. Give me Clarkson to watch any day over that idiot who knows better, Ross.

Just remember what JC said to the Aussie in the audience "What is it you said? you're crap at Rugby and England have beaten you twice in a row?" True it was only a momentary taste of glory but it was glorious!