Monday, February 16, 2009

The Next Blockbusting Novel

Do you remember how you felt when Bambi's mother was shot?
I'm trying to get the same feeling into a paragraph of my next blockbuster novel "Through Smoke". Next? Well, yes. And first, if you want to be pedantic.
Anyway, my young hero, Beorn, and his swordsmith father have just rescued the beautiful maiden, Engel, from the clutches of the evil Guthric. Swordsmith father (Alden) is nearly clear of danger when an arrow hits him right between the shoulder blades and lances through sinew and flesh to rent a hole in his left ventricle. I won't say it like that of course. The book is being written in ├ćnglish with no Roman or Greek or anybody else's vocabulary for that matter apart from good old Germanic and a bit of Norse.
I know it has all been done before but it really tests your wordken.

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GC said...

You really should stop playing World of Warcraft.