Sunday, February 22, 2009

Motorbike Season

The Sun has one month until it gets to the equinox but the lengthening evenings and warmer days have already seen that wonderful phenomenon of bikers all over the UK emerging from their winter hibernation.
Donning jackets and pants, or even onesies, that are still a little tight after the excesses of Christmas they are starting to throw their right legs over their metallic mounts. My own steel steed has had its chain lubed, tyres inflated and the Haynes has been smudged with oil on the appropriate places in a frenzy of checklists and admonishments. My bike is a Triumph Bonneville 790. A bike exactly right for old geesers like me. My brother has just bought a Honda Hornet. Much more in keeping with someone his age. Alongside all the others we are ready for spring. Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha from Japan, Ducati from Italy, BMW from Germany, Triumph from England; we are all ready. You will notice that "Harley-Davidson from America" hasn't made that litany above. They come out of hibernation much later. There is much chrome to be polished before they make their appearance. They die if there is even a trace of salt on the roads.
It is good to be alive astride a bike.
Let's keep it that way brothers and sisters.

This piece is dedicated to my good friend Ben who has a yearning to throw a leg over a Gixxer but should really get an SV650 or equally sensible machine. Do it mate. See you on the road.

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