Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poor Old Fred

You might be surprised that someone is sticking up for Sir Fred Goodwin, but here goes.
First off, he has done nothing wrong. Sure, he led his company into the nadir of its fortunes and is clearly a failed banker, or something that rhymes with that. But he did nothing wrong (as in criminal).
Secondly, his pension is all above board, was agreed by the confederation of morons we call the government and if RBS hadn't turned its toes skyward we (a) wouldn't have known anything about it and (b) wouldn't have cared less, apart from the odd, Trotskyite tut. When Gordon Brown shuffles off into retirement, will we hold his abysmal record against him? Of course not. We should, but we won't.
The thing that really sticks in my throat is that serial hypocrite, as she was wonderfully recently described, Harriet Harman going for Goodwin guns blazing. She and her mates waste more money in a week than he will earn for the next 100 years.
Leave Fred alone. He might be that old Spoonerism a wad banker, be he is completely in the right.

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