Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chocolate Tax

The Puritan Kakistocracy are at it again! This time it's chocolate in the gunsights. With a veritable epidemic* of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes absolutely out of control we have to do something. Anything! "Let's tax chocolate!" they all shout in glee. Problem. Chocolate doesn't cause either obesity or diabetes II, sugar does. So why not tax sugar? At least have the decency to tax the right thing!
I really do despair of this lot. I also despair of the morons who are going along with them. Taxing chocolate will not reduce consumption by one bar. All it will do is pour money into the Treasury, who will then dole it out to cronies, consultants and quangos to waste with their usual great aplomb. All these neo-Puritans sucking their recently flossed teeth and telling us fatties to lay off the Maltesers can go to hell. While it is still a free country, I'm off to get a bag of chips with lots of salt on and a deep-fried Mars bar. I'm going to wash it down with a Guinness, a Red Bull, another Guinness and some lard.
So there.

* or not, as the case might be.

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