Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gordon and Plate Tectonics

Gordon Brown to the US Senate et al: "No power on earth can ever draw us apart"
Sadly, he is wrong. There is a big crack in the Atlantic ocean floor that is pushing us wider apart every day. It isn't particularly quick but it is certainly drawing us apart. The island of Surtsey, south of Iceland was created by this fissure, where two tectonic plates are pulling apart, in 1963. I remember news of it being formed and it is quite big now. We might get a whole string of islands between us and the US one day. That might be fun. A long time ago (170 million years), what is now the US and us were actually joined. Since then we've drifted apart at an average of 3 cm per year. It is now 5585km from London to New York... and rising.
Maybe Geology isn't Gordon's strong point.
Maybe Geology is his strong point!

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