Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Anglian Regiment

In Luton today, the Anglian Regiment came home and marched, to general applause, through the city. They were at one point confronted with a small group of Islamic protesters who called them "war criminals" and "murderers". The vast majority of the crowd were extremely upset at this and some turned their venom on the protesters and were promptly arrested. Clearly, freedom of speech only applies if you are an Islamic protester [yet again]. Our "hate laws" only work in one direction [yet again]. British values count for absolutely nothing [yet again].
The Anglian Regiment, to their eternal credit, did not stop, aim and fire. There are plenty of precedents for this, from Ancient Rome to early Victorian times. Two thousand years of precedent. They just marched on. God bless them.
It must have been like being in good old Basra.

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