Monday, March 2, 2009


My Dad died a year ago (3rd March 2008). That basically means I've missed him 365 consecutive days. I've missed his smile, his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things mechanical, his "general swearing", his unconditional love for those around him and for the words "Hello Son". He taught me how to learn everything I know. My PhD thesis is dedicated to him (and my Mam) although he never had the foggiest idea what I was doing for those three years.
Dad was alive 28593 days (78.28 years). He did all sorts in a very full and interesting life. He had all sorts of jobs and was never unemployed from leaving school aged 14 to when he retired. He's got a great job now. He is Guardian Angel to my niece, Olivia, and he is bloody good at it. He has to be!
The tickover on my bike is still too high. It must be driving him crackers.

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