Friday, December 12, 2008

Warming Other Globes

Now here's an idea. Tell your friends. It hasn't been done yet but it might answer once and for all the vexed question of what is causing our global warming.
As you know, I believe that carbon dioxide has absolutely nothing to do with our global warming. Our globe warms and cools because of a combination of solar activity and the Milankovic cycles. Well, I've come up with a test.
If solar activity is the global warming culprit it will be warming other globes too. Venus (closer to the Sun) and Mars (further from the Sun) will also feel the affects of solar activity, just like us. Venus is a bit of a dead loss because it has no built in "thermometer". But Mars - now there we have a really good inbuilt thermometer: Martian ice caps. If the Martian ice caps are growing/shrinking in sympathy with the Earth's mean temperature (or the Earth's ice caps to use the same measure) we can be sure it is the Sun that is causing global warming and not us. There. Problem solved.
When you've measured the changes, let me know. I expect an acknowledgement.


GC said...
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GC said...

Clearly, the Earth warming up simply must be our fault. It must. I blame smokers, motorists and meat eaters.

So, on that note, your audacity to come up with such a rational and logical argument is simply astounding. How dare you suggest that this process is in any way natural!

Introduce a Global Warming Tax I say. Wait there...we already have several.

The Earth is warming up - fact. That will cause us problems - fact. After this, the lies begin. What would politicians/tree-huggers/the media talk do if you are correct? They'd have nothing to talk about! Maybe the Earth is warming up because of all this hot air being blown! Send these people to Mars, even if your theory is wrong - we'll be rid of them!