Friday, December 12, 2008

Congestion Charges

I don't want to come over as all Clarksonesque here but you have to ask: Why on earth is Manchester bothering to vote on a congestion charge? What will they do when the turkeys don't vote for Christmas? Run the vote again, no doubt [see Irish Referenda].
If only someone in the lying, festering, corrupt system that we laughingly call democracy would have the decency to admit that congestion charges are just another way of ripping hard-earned money out of our hands, I might be tempted to vote yes purely because I was in shock. But they won't. They'll tell us a shed-load of lies and expect us to believe it. In London the average length of a journey to work has increased since congestion charges were introduced. Well done. Use buses, I am told. A single bus causes more damage to the road than 50 cars. The typical engine in a bus produces more pollution than 10 cars and it runs all day instead of just two half-hour bursts. Absolute madness. And where does all the money go? Certainly not on our transport infrastructure. Our roads are a disgrace. Have a look at your road markings next time you are out and about. You will be doing well to find any. Happy motoring!


GC said...

‘Congestion Charge’ is an interesting phrase. ‘Road Tax’ is the correct term. But we already pay that, so it can’t be, can it? Yes that’s right. We already pay a tax to use the roads and then they expect us to pay another to…errr…use the roads!

Then they are surprised when ‘’No’’ is the answer. Nuggets.

fiona said...

Excellent blog as always, JAT! You should be PM.