Friday, December 19, 2008

Possibly Feeling Stupid

Returning to Global Warming for a mo (then I'll shut it for a while; promise); I wonder have the ecofascists considered the possibility of being wrong? As you know I agree with the obvious fact that the Earth is warming up, but I am most vehemently against the wholly unproven assertion that atmospheric CO2 is causing it. All we are doing by adding CO2 to the atmosphere is making it easier for plants to grow. Instead of 3 molecules per 10,000 they now have 4 that they can do something with.
If I (amongst others) have got it right, the CO2 lobby are going to look seriously stupid in a couple of years time. CO2 levels are not going to go down (India and China will see to that, and good luck to them) but the planet is going to cool eventually. What about all the money we've spent on carbon footprints, carbon taxes and a hundred other initiatives that use "carbon" as an adjective? My God, they are going to look like a massive waste of money in a time when wasting money is a genuinely terrible idea.
If we start to cool down with CO2 still going up then every ecofascist in the world is going to have to get their escape plans sorted. I am looking forward to the careers in ruins, the pointless projects abandoned and their hollow rhetoric being roundly ridiculed. They deserve it. The "scientific method" has been trampled by these self-seeking fools. The sooner we realise that and get back to doing properly argued and tested science the better.

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