Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Before 9pm we get a lot of words (especially with programmes featuring Stephen Fry and/or Joe Kinnear) "bleeped out". You can still see that they are saying f*** (or whatever) but the noise coming from their larynx is obliterated. Interestingly, the phrase "cock-up" seems to have crossed some borderline into acceptability (i.e. it is said on the BBC News), although "cock", as used by James May, has not. Strange.
I worry about "new wave" swearing. Is "minger" a swearword? I was told recently that "minger" was harsh but just acceptable whereas "munter" wasn't. I was, duly, abashed. I wonder will "chav" ("charver" up this end of the UK) transform into a genuine "four-letter-word"?
Those "this will shock you" FCUK shirts are pushing it I always think. That said, I would love a t-shirt with "CNUT: Our Danish King" emblazoned on the front. That would turn a few heads.
I do like new or hybrid swearwords. The brilliantly descriptive "fugly" is a wonderful example of a hybrid swearword. But is it a bleepable swearword? I know not.
I have, in truth, just thought of an excellent, instantly bleepable hybrid. But I dare not write it. It is not yet 9pm and I would not like to offend.

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fiona said...

Hysterically funny and beautifully articulate as always. I should like to know what the unprintable word is!