Monday, November 17, 2008

Strictly Come Democracy

I am really enjoying "Strictly Come Dancing". I don't watch the show; I just love the ranting in the media about John Sergeant. The judges just don't seem to be able to accept that this talentless (in dancing terms) pudding of a man has a genuine following. My hope is that the more the judges and the media rant, the stronger his vote will become. Sergeant is, quite clearly, a two-left-footer. But it doesn't stop him being popular and that is where the rules of the game kick in. I don't know what the judges are bitching about to be honest; the business model for these shows is based on the number of calls coming in. They seem happy enough to take their inflated salaries from the income generation.
Over on the "X-Factor", similar things are happening with various factions launching missiles at Diana Vickers and her laryngitis. Let's be fair here, Diana is the ONLY contestant with any talent.
The others are doomed (I hope).

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GC said...

So you don't watch the dancing one but DO watch the X-Factor? Strong moral fibre, I like it.

The blog has really taken a turn for the worse. How dare you stain it with this tat!

Anyway speaking of moral fibre - the show should be called 'Strictly Daylight Robbery'. Their business model is based on twerps like us giving them free money to waste on bollocks dancing shows. Then they advertise the bollocks dancing show on EVERY BBC show EVERYDAY. Then they THEMSELVES create the scandals and drama. Then THEY use the extra phoneline dosh to pay Jonathon Ross and others squillions*. Then they...errr...sack him (sort of) because what he did was unacceptable. Sheer hypocracy!!!!

As for the X-Factor. Any show with Danni Minogue as a talent judge is, quite frankly, taking the proverbial. Total set-up from start to finish. It can only take slightly higher ground than the dancing show - because we only pay for it if we want to! Although it still robs people blatantly.

p.s. Was ''factions launching missiles at Diana VICKERS'' a deliberate pun?

*I wonder if there are any millionaire squirrels?