Monday, November 10, 2008

British Racism

Trevor Phillips claims that Britain could not repeat Obama's feat of getting a black or Asian to the top of the political tree. Phillips is the head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, so he he should know; yes? No. He is most assuredly either mis-quoted (I hope) or wrong (I guess).
Britain has already had a woman Prime Minister, unlike the US which has never even had a female Vice-President. So we don't have a mental block on that one.
Also, Britain has never had segregated schools, buses, restaurants and the KKK. We've got the National Front but they aren't in the Ku Klux Klan's league. We've never had a George Wallace figure. Enoch Powell? Not even close.
I think Phillips might just be a bit cosy within his victim culture. Claiming that racism is rampant is part of his job, after all. It does exist, but on a minute scale compared to the USA of forty, fifty years ago.
Get over yourself Trevor; let your people go.

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GC said...

I think the fact that we actually have an Equality and Human Rights Commission, and that he is the head, hampers his argument slightly.

By 'slightly' I mean 'totally'.

Honestly, I think these sort of characters are almost as racist as the groups you've mentioned.

Its only since Thatcher that anyone outside of the establishment could become the PM (Prime Minister - for reference), whatever their race.

Anyway, 'Human Rights' is pretty expansive - I hope he's trying to sort mine out. He won't be though.