Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Organ Donors

The NHS and the Government are wringing their hands over the low level of potential organ donors. Here's a simple solution.
Instead of all these opt-in/opt-out schemes, why not make it desirable to be an organ donor. My scheme works like this: The only people who can receive an organ from someone else are those who are prepared to donate an organ of their own. Obviously, all those who need organs would join such a list straight away. But all those who might, some time in the future, need an organ would certainly be tempted to prolong their longevity. If we were denied the right to a life-saving transplant because we were not prepared - under different circumstances - to donate one of our own organs we could have very little to complain about.
You know where you heard it first.

1 comment:

GC said...

An interesting idea. I like the 'opt-out' scheme though, its a practical solution. Although admittedly it has problems.

However, I think I should sign up to your scheme. Do you think anyone will want my eyes - a severe astigmatism in both? My lungs - sponsored by Benson and Hedges? My liver - which virtually says ''G'day mate!'' from all of the Fosters?

My appendix is fine though. It's at the back and really long.