Saturday, November 29, 2008


Those adverts about informing on your neighbourhood benefit fraudsters are a bit scary. What if you were wrong? How are we supposed to find out what benefit they are on in the first place to ascertain whether they are benefit frauds? I honestly don't know if any, or all, of my neighbours are on benefit. Furthermore, I don't want to know. What's it got to do with me?
Privacy, quite clearly, is becoming an obsolescent concept.
From what I can tell, our Civil Service (an oxymoron if ever there was one) have a massive system already set up to administer the "welfare state". It surely doesn't need to rely on a nasty old curtain-twitcher across the street with a spiral bound notebook from Woolies (RIP) and a pencil she nicked from IKEA.
What might be a shed-load of fun is if we ALL responded to that stupid advert by dropping someone in the clarts who was, blatantly, not guilty. That would flood them out with false leads.

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GC said...

That’s not magic! Have you never seen Paul Daniels? Obviously…but not a lot.

Well, at JAT Towers the servants probably deal with the rabble! And I’m sure benefit fraud isn’t prevalent in the leafy suburbs. But in some areas it’s a way of life, a good living even, for many people. Some people make careers out of it.

Anyway, here’s how to spot them. You’ll be working all week and be skint, they won’t be. They’ll have a better car than you, better clothes, a bigger extension and a porch. If you still can’t narrow it down, one more thing. They walk with a suspiciously pronounced limp most of the time, but then sprint into a van emblazoned with ‘Colin’s Canny Couriers’ or ‘Phil’s Pleasant Plumbers’ every morning at 8am – that could be them.

The sort of person who will cheat the benefit system will cheat on other things. Nothing is ever enough. Not insuring their car, buying stuff off the ‘back of a lorry’ – nicked from a decent person only minutes earlier, and so on. They won’t respect your privacy.

When I look at my payslip I AM bothered that 30% of my salary is being siphoned away. There are plenty of people who need the taxpayers help and should have it. If its being used wisely then no problemo. But I suspect it isn’t.

For me, it’s the principle. Don’t take advantage of decent people. If you do and get caught – tough.