Friday, October 10, 2008

Top Ten Handshakes

We all have people we would like to meet. People you would like a chat with; just to get them into a corner in a pub or cafe and find out what makes them tick. At the very least we would like to shake their hand. These (with reasons, and in rank order) are my Top Ten Handshakes:
  1. Nelson Mandela - runaway leader; turned apartheid over through sheer moral power.
  2. Mohammed Ali - an awesome man; greatest sportsman ever
  3. Pope Benedict XVI - an intellectual giant.
  4. Steven Fry - I have a feeling that we have much in common.
  5. Ralph McTell* - My favourite musician/songwriter
  6. Ian Botham - greatest cricketer ever
  7. Boris Johnson* - an enigma; a deep, intelligent character wrapped up in a buffoon
  8. Bill Gates - I have a book that belongs to him and I really should return it
  9. Patrick Moore - My love of Astronomy comes directly from him and "The Sky at Night"
  10. Charley Boorman* - Well worth a beer.
Those marked * I have already met, but they stay in the list for when we have a beer/coffee.
I am puzzled that there are no women in my list.
Who have I left out that I really should meet?

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