Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good: The New Bad

There is an assumption being made by just about everyone that Global Warming is a bad thing. I'm not so sure. It might be extremely good news.
Have a look at a globe without ice caps. The continent of Antarctica will be amenable to human colonisation and exploitation. Who knows what natural wealth lies beneath the ice? An Arctic free of ice will open up a whole new trade route - the North-West Passage that Franklin dreamed of. We already know that the Arctic Sea has oil fields. We will, globally, have lots more rain and this will ultimately render many now-barren lands fertile again. Lots of positives.
Of course, there are plenty of "downs" to match the "ups". Coastal flooding will become a major problem. We will need to move or perhaps imitate the Netherlands. We can cope. The Polar Bear will probably die out*. Everything dies out eventually. Ask Darwin.
The biggest problem with Global Warming is that it will make things different from what they are today and were yesterday. We are not good with the notions of tomorrow and change even when it might be absolutely fine. Be adaptable. It is the only strength we humans really have.
*Oh dear, what a shame, never mind.

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GC said...

Good: The New Bad...

We can't ask Darwin - he died out. (I know that was YOUR joke by the way - I'm doing what Alan Davies does on Q.I. - repeats Steven Fry's jokes in a less funny way).

No idea what you've got against Polar Bears though. Maybe there's too much melanin in their fur? Anyway, we could move them somewhere safe before the Arctic melts. Send them to Holland.