Thursday, October 30, 2008

Inappropriate Behaviour

The antics of Messrs. Brand and Ross have made all sorts of headlines and we now have the usual oscillatory statements from members of the public; some condemnatory, some ultra-forgiving. What I find odd is the description - virtually everywhere - of their behaviour as "inappropriate". I think "wrong" is the right word.
I have noted with rising depression this over-use of "inappropriate" when something is clearly "wrong". Am I missing something? Has "wrong" become one of those words we can't use any more? I've heard bullying in schools, vandalism, theft, public drunkenness and a dozen other similar things tagged as "inappropriate" recently. It implies that they are, in the right place, "appropriate". No they're not. They are wrong.
Watch out for this one. See if your blood pressure jumps every time.


GC said...

Must have been a slow week on the news front for this to be a headline. Has Global Warming stopped this week?

'Inappropriate' implies that in some circumstances it may be appropriate!

But what would I know? I'm vertically and mentally challenged (short and thick).

That is in fact a lie. Or as I would say 'an expansion of the truth'.

GC said...

Ignore the third sentence from the last post. I repeated your point without realising it.

Some people would call that stealing. But I was simply reappropriating your idea.

p.s. Bollocks

fiona said...

Quite! Political correctness, as always, gone mad. We are no longer allowed to say things are right or wrong, even when they are, for fear of offending someone. Perhaps the silly pair would have grounds for suing if someone dared to stand up and say or write that what they did was wrong. Strong moral fibre is sadly not cool nowadays. We need more bloggers like you, to redress the balance!