Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Ralph McTell, my favourite musician and national treasure, ends one of his songs:
"Autumn makes me sad."
I think his hypothalamus might be short of light. The hypothalamus and its good friend the pituitary gland are extremely light-sensitive and they control all manner of mood swings and seasonally-activated depression. Paradoxically, it is right in the centre of the brain; exactly where the light isn't.
I've taken to shining a very bright LED torch in my ear, and it appears to work. I feel much happier.
The other thing I'm doing is breathing through only one nostril. The logic is this: breathing in cold air into one side of your nose cools and slows down the brain activity on that side. So if you want to enhance your creativity and "right-brain" activity, breathe through your left nostril to slow down the analytical "left-brain" chemistry.
So I'm the creative one with a finger up my right nostril and a torch shining in my ear.
Easy to spot in a crowd I'd think.

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