Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have just returned from China. The plan went so smoothly you might be deceived into thinking it was planned. Fly from Newcastle to Dubai (16/2/12) and connect with a flight to Hong Kong (17/2/12) to stay in the beautiful Marco Polo Hotel overlooking Kowloon Harbour. Lots of meetings with the parents of my students (all went very well) then [after three nights] off to Guangzhou on the train for one night in the Holiday Inn Guangzhou. Same deal, parents and agents. Then a flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai. Two nights in Shanghai then on to another aeroplane bound for Beijing. Three nights here. Busy on two days. Sightseeing the third with an old friend. Then, final leg, a big Airbus 380 to Dubai and a much smaller Airbus 330 to Newcastle.
Back here at my desk it doesn't seem possible that it all went so smoothly. But it did.
Thanks to all my colleagues in HK and mainland China. I am so impressed!

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bbabs said...

It probably means you're still there... sitting in a bar in Shanghai...