Friday, January 14, 2011

Dawkins to Die Out: Official

Great news for theists and, grudgingly, agnostics! Atheists are (and I love this!) dying out because of evolution. So my favourite hate figure and his breed of godless heathens will be wiped out by the very "god" they trumpet so loud and long: genetics.
It works like this...
On average, believers have 2.7 children per couple*. The atheists have only 1.7, which is nowhere near enough to last more than a few generations. If Dawkins is right (God forbid) and we are merely genetic material with horribly selfish tendencies then there must be a "Believe in God Gene" being passed down the generations. If this - as it appears to be - is tied to the "Have quite a few Kids Gene" then believers will increasingly outstrip the non-believers and their "We don't believe in God and don't have many Kids Gene". Excellent.
I really don't know. Sometimes I think I do but that just turns out to be the effects of Guinness. Sometimes I think I don't but that comes to all Middlesbrough FC supporters. I think believing might be the better path. It gives you someone to talk to in Church and when you are saying your nightly prayers.

* Technically it needs to be only 2.7 per woman but - from what I remember - the male of the species has something to do with this. Either way, it is a lot more than the 2.2 (-ish) needed to keep the human race going.

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