Friday, September 17, 2010

The Reformation

I'm having another go at the BBC here. Sorry about that.
It is the reporting of the Pope's visit that has me vexed.
The BBC made a big thing of Pope Benedict shaking hands with a female clergywoman in public. So what. She was properly ordained in the Church of England. The last time I checked, the Pope was not a member of that particular branch of Christianity. Of course he shook hands with her!
Then there was the blindingly obvious statement that there are "major doctrinal differences" between the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. Well, yes. There would be. Otherwise we wouldn't need to use any words in front of the word "Church". I'm glad these differences exist. It gives us a choice. I'm sure that major differences exist between Waitrose and Tesco (and the like).
They will be telling us that Islam and Christianity (of whatever flavour) have major doctrinal differences next.

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