Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Understanding Things

When you start to explain Quantum Theory to people - I find, anyway - they (usually) glaze over and stop trying to understand. It would appear that there is a genuine barrier between the concept and the understanding of the concept.
The same thing appears to be true with MPs and their expenses. They just don't get it. They REALLY just don't get it. Every other person in the UK thinks they are a pack of vultures dragging their rotten bits of flesh of the decaying carcass that is our "democratic" system. They think it is OK.
Shoot them.
Shoot them all.

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bbabs said...

...and the first people I would push into the line-up of the JAT shooting gallery (can I have a go? can I? can I?) would be those who put kitkats onto the expenses tab. Thereby demonstrating a lack of regard for the public purse (OUR MONEY) as revealing as the duck pond and the moat.
As for La Smith's single room "main residence", I'd build a workhouse just for her, lock her in and throw the key into one of those big lakes in Russia.

Aaah - that feels better.