Monday, August 10, 2009

"Rent" and the youth of today

The Edinburgh Fringe, you will already know, finds venues and support for some great shows every year. I saw "Rent" on Saturday (8th August) at the Merchant's Hall. It was astonishing. The good bits are too many to mention; the bad bits are too few to remember. It ended, quite rightly, with a standing ovation. Complete sell-out. All week. Awesome.
Then step back for a moment. The cast are aged between 18 and (I guess) 22. They can portray joy, sadness, love, hate, laughter and tears with consummate ease. The songs were sung with style, gusto, tenderness and passion as required. The musical support was superb. Most of the time you would believe that you were listening to a karaoke CD.
But hang on...
Aren't these kids part of the useless generation that roam our streets picking up ASBOs? The lazy students with devalued GCSEs and equally worthless A-Levels? The no-hopers who blow their student loans in bars and Pizza Hut? The sea anchor of our struggling society? Our millstone?
It would, from what I've seen (and not just in "Rent"), appear not to be the case.
Well done Team Rent. Loved it.

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