Friday, May 29, 2009

Britain's Got Talent

I love "Britain's Got Talent". Love it. Nothing on television even gets close to BGT when it comes to showing how little talent we actually have.
Look at tonight's shambles. A crap dance trio, three thousand badly synchronised dancers, a male soprano with genuine talent who completely cocked up his song, a little girl in tears, a superb dancer [who - thank God - won], a juggler who should never have left his back garden, a "singer" and "guitarist" who were, unfortunately, the same person and a latter day family sounds-like-Von-Crap. Oh yes; little girl in tears again. She clinched second place on the pity vote and is going to be popping beta-blockers and Valium® all night.
There were thousands auditioned and the "judges" (and OMG I use that term loosely apart from the incomparable Simon Cowell) picked out the forty best. Best? Best!
Let's face it. There is very little talent on display in "Britain's Got Talent".
I can't wait for the final.

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GC said...

Simon Cowell is quite simply a genius. You simply have to admire him.

He nicked the 'idea' (I use that term very very loosely) of BGT from the X Factor, which was nicked from Pop Idol, nicked from Popstars, which was nicked from the 1970's talent shows like Opportunity Knocks.

Plus, he employs two muppets with no talent or charisma whatsoever to sit next to him and make himself look even cleverer. Then he just says exactly what we are saying at home - he just tells the truth. The other two lie and pander to the audience.

Then he gets singers signed to him to make 'special' performances - free publicity.

So, he gets paid as the star, producer, writer, owner of the rights and money from the royalties of songs featured.

Simon Cowell is the talent. Ant and Dec are good as well though.