Sunday, September 28, 2008


Bizarre. After eleven years of serial cock-up the Government says sorry, let us put it all right. God, I wish we lived in a democracy. "We do.", I hear you say. We most certainly do not. We are governed (indeed, ruled) by an increasingly arrogant pseudo-elective oligarchy. The UK has never, ever, been a democracy (literally "people-ruled"). We now have an unelected Prime Minister presiding over nothing more than a kakistocracy. I just love the Cabinet Chorus: "We know it is bad here, but everywhere else is worse".
Phew. Thank God for that, eh.
The trouble with our Government is that they are addicted to their own nanny state. Democracy? Not even close.

But here's a question: If Brown and the crowd around him know best, why do they not put up huge pictures of him with the caption "BROWN KNOWS".

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